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Passwords and the Registration Process

If you are seeing this Page you have already have your Registration code and this Registration code was emailed to you; along with your email was a passwords. You will need to enter in your Primary Password right now. If you do not have your Registration Code please click here.

If you wish to view the Video of this process then click here.

Once you have entered in your password correctly then the "OK" Button will turn green.

Click on the "OK" Button

Now to take advantage of the Update feature Please Update your software now. On the Main Control panel, you will find "About" click on that then on "Check for Updates"



If you get a future updates to the program, it will not ask for anymore passwords. If you try to delete or change support files for Job Timer it is possible that the Program will ask for another password, in which case it is possible that you old passwords will not work. At this time, you will be required to email me so I can give you a new password.


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