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October 25, 2017

I have finally got Job Timer 4 to install and work on Windows 10.


September 23, 2010

Last night for the first time in a long time I got an error called "Runtime Error 53" on a Windows Vista Laptop. This was on a trial version of Job Timer 4 and this has happened to me twice in 10 years. The first time it was on Job Timer 3 when I was first developing the program and I created a recovery file that will fix this problem and it worked on Job Timer 4 last night. These files have been created and sitting on the server since 2003 so you can get them here and all you have to do is unzip the files to the correct folder and Restart Job Timer 4 This should cure the problem. But you will have to Reset all of your settings but this process is easy just open up an old project file and save the prices file. click me

September 2, 2010

Both Job Timer 3 and 4 now have the ability to monitor your CPU usage. This is helpful when you're an Artist or Graphic Design professional and your computer does most of the work for you while compiling an image. This doesn't take up your time but the Computer is working around the clock and in turn because your customer is paying you to make this happen this new feature will keep the clock running until the CPU usage returns back to a normal idle state and after the pre designated time the clock will stop on it's own thus giving you the opportunity in billing your customer for the work that computer did as well.

October 11, 2009

October 21 2006 is when Job Timer 4 was released. Wow, time has really flown by. Try Job Timer 4. You don't have to network the program, you can use it just like Job Timer 3. Go into Administrator Options and check "Network OFF" and now you have an advanced version of Job Timer 3.

October 4, 2009

Job Timer 4 will now calculate your costs up to the second. This was created for those of you that charge large amounts per hour. Instead of waiting for the clock to hit the next minute Job Timer will now calculate your time to the second. This also works with Time Check turned on so if Time Check adjusts your time it will also adjust your total. This feature is included in the Job Timer 4 update only. For those that own Job Timer 4 just do an update and this feature will have been added.

August 02, 2009

Some of you have commented on the UELA window that pops up during the installation. When you install a program do you ever read the UELA? Probably not and you click on "Accept" and away you go. Job Timer takes this step to another level. If you don't mind, don't care or you already know what the UELA says then you can click on the "Quick Agreement", enter in the code and type in yes (all in caps) and this will create a digital signature that you have accepted the conditions of this agreement.

Job Timer has taken great lengths in protecting your files, 1. Job Timer has an adjustable Auto save feature, so it will save your progress 1 - 10 minutes. 2. Job Timer has a built in Recovery file that if something happens to the original file you have a back up that makes sure that your info is safe.

Ultimately it's up the user to make sure that he or she gets paid for the work they do and Job Timer is a tool to get you there.

July 05, 2009

Windows 7 will be shipped to the public on October 22. This means that Job Timer 2, Job Timer 3 and Job Timer 4 will be ready and supported. Job Timer 3 and Job Timer 4 will work in Windows 7 with one exception, you will have to right click on the Job Timer shortcut and go to "Compatibility" then choose "Windows XP Service Pack 3" this will insure that the "Recent Projects" Feature will work properly. You will find the "XP Mode" in the Professional and the Ultimate Versions, unfortunately the Home version of Windows 7 will not have the ability to convert some of the programs that you are used to in XP mode. If you don't use the Recent projects feature then you don't have to worry about it.

July 02, 2009


Windows 7 installs do work and you can register copy but you won't be able to update. Somehow for some reason the program stops working if you update it. I will track this problem down before Windows 7 is released to the public. You may have to run the program under Windows XP. I don't know I may try that next.

February 18th, 2009

Job Timer 4.8.0 will be released soon. This newest version of Job Timer has been in the development and testing phase for 2 years now and it will finally come out in the next few weeks. The newest trial version will have all of the newest features and fixes that Job Timer 4 Update version has up to this date. You will be able to take advantage of all features in the trial version with no limitations. Please check back to see when Job Timer 4.8 will be available.

Feburary 1st 2009

I noticed when I was testing Windows 7 I couldn't print an invoice in Job Timer 4 it told me that the path for the invoice was missing. Well I looked into this and what was happening is that the "preview.htm" file was missing and therefore could not complete the task in creating the invoice. So I included the preview.htm file to the set up. If you want to you can just update your software and you will have this file installed for you. Or you can take your Invoice.htm file copy it to another folder and rename it "preview.htm" then stick it back into the Job Timer4 folder and printing your invoice should be ok.

January 21st 2009

I have been working on getting Job Timer 4 to work on Windows 7. Just like Vista there are some challenges. So far Job Timer 4 works great on the new OS. I just can't save my settings or register the software but we will get there.

Job Timer 3 has tested just fine on Windows 7 but I did get an error while closing the program saying "Job Timer 3 did not operate properly" I don't know what that was about because it worked just fine. I will have to contact Microsoft about that issue. If you have Windows 7 and would like to install Job Timer 3 on your new Operating System please email me and I will send you the Registration material. Windows 7 will run until August 1st. so testing Job Timer 3 will last that long as well.

July 10th. 2008

When you first start Job Timer 4 and it don't find the network, open up Windows Explorer and click on your mapped drive. Normally Windows will register the mapped drive when it starts but sometimes this is not the case. If the mapped drive doesn't register then Job Timer can't find the network drive.

April 17th. 2008

All versions of Job Timer has a EULA (End User Licence Agreement) when you install Job Timer you agree to this agreement before you can install Job Timer. We all know that people don't read this thing, but this agreement is important and must be read. When you start Job Timer for the first time then there will be a window that pops up and you have to agree to this agreement again and to make sure that you understand you will be required to enter in the agreement code and type in YES then you can move on. You will only be required to do this once. If you have already agreed to this then when you update you won't see it again. If you already have Job Timer installed and you update then you will have to agree to this EULA then Job Timer will work again. If you don't agree to this EULA then Un-install Job Timer. Again If you already have Job Timer you agreed to this EULA when you installed Job Timer.

April 11th. 2008

If you come across a problem with Job Timer 4 Invoicing program shifting rows and it don't make any sense, your tabs may be set too short. Increase the tab spacing and this will clear up this problem. I have fixed all of the invoice templates to counter act this situation. If know anything about HTML then you can alter the look of your invoice anyway you like.

January 31st, 2008

There was a boo boo with Job Timer Version 3.5.7. I have since fixed it. If you have Version 3.5.7 then uninstall this version and delete all of the files in "Program Files\Doc Design\Job Timer3" folder. Run this small stripper program. click me. Download and install Job Timer 3.5.8 Hopefully this will fix the problem. I had previously fixed the 30 day trial due to a bug but in doing so with a fresh install it failed to work completely. I have tested the new install and it does work. However I didn't install it over the old version. If you have any problems please contact me.

December 20th, 2007

During the Christmas Holidays work is really slow around here. So I do some programming. Anyone that has Job Timer really should Update your software. I have made some changes to Job Timer 3 and 4 to make the programs work better and some added features that I hope everyone will enjoy. Job Timer 4 really got a overhaul on the Network Detection. It came to my attention that someone had setup thier software without one of the databases, naturally the program wouldn't work properly and this created a problem. I have made the program dummy proof so if there is a missing database then Job Timer will not work and let you know that there is a missing database. Since Job Timer 4 relies on the customer moving databases around on the network Job Timer really has to check if this has been done properly.

December 14th, 2007

I have created a new Manual for Job Timer 4. You can find it above, just click on Manual under the Job Timer 4 column.

I have also added the manual to the Job Timer Install, including the update. If there is a change to the manual; customers will get the updated version automatically.

This Manual has been long over due and hopefully this will cut back on the emails I receive every day on how to operate Job Timer

September 30th, 2007

If you get an error "Cannot find CL.jpg" while trying to print an invoice in Job Timer 3 then download and install the new Job Timer 3 Patch. Or if you haven't registered your software yet then you can get this patch here. JT3I_Patch

September 23rd, 2007

Because Job Timer 4 is so complex and some will need more time to get the hang of the program I have included in the package the ability to extend your 30 trial period to an extra 60 days. So you can get a total of 90 days of the free trial.

September 6th, 2007

Job Timer 4 will now have a feature on the program called Job Timer 4 App Checker. This will load with Job Timer Version 4.5 Network Edition. This will monitor Job Timer 4 Application Activity. This means if Job Timer stops working for any reason then a window appear to let you explain what happened and you can submit this and it will fill out an email and all you have to is send it. This way I can get the info and fix any problems that may have occurred. In the Job Timer 4 Trial Version this feature is automatic but in Job Timer 4 Registered Version you can turn this feature off. Go to the help button and uncheck "App Checker".

April 18th. 2007

Job Timer 3 is now available for Windows Vista. To make the transition run smoothly I have included in the update the ability to switch your old Registration material to the new code. Download the patch like you normally would and run the Registration wizard. This will re code your Registration files over to the new system automatically. Once complete update your software.


If you purchase your software and the "Primary Password" Don't work, You may have downloaded the program from another source or you may have an earlier version. This is ok, just click on "Continue" Then under "About" click on "Check for updates" At this time Update your software. Included in your email was the "Update Password". Enter in your Update Password. This will disable the password process, you can freely update your software without anymore passwords. If you try to alter any of the files that contain the registration settings you will reset the password settings and you will need to email me to request another password.

If you encounter problems please feel free to email me with the problem and I will address it right away.

Check back regularly for updates or patches. These updates are real small so downloading any large files just to get an update is not required. All updates to this date have been mostly adding features to the programs, very rarely have I found a glitch that would make the program inoperable.


If you would like to reset Job Timer 3 back to the original Settings you can download this file and install it.
Or you can get the zip version here. This is for Job Timer 3 ONLY. Do not attempt to reset Job Timer 2 with these files. This would make Job Timer 2 inoperable. NOTE: this will reset the databases too so you will loose all of your information contained in those databases, however your project files will not be effected. After you have patched your software with these files you can open an existing project and save your settings, this will re-create your price set.



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