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Instructions to Registration
If you wish to view the Video of this process then click here.
To View a Sample of the Generated Email then click here

First of all you want to download and install your program.

Then click on "Registration"


This box will pop up:

Click on the "BUY" button, this will copy your computer ID for you and open the regnow web page automatically then all you have to do is right click and hit paste in the "Computer ID" box.


Or if you already have purchased this product and you need a registration key to unlock it then hit "Email your Computer ID" and this will fill out an Email for for you, all you have to do is send the email to our Registration service center.

Or you can click on "Request New Key - Website" This will open the Job Timer website and in there you will be able to fill in the blanks and a new Registration Code will be emailed to you.

If you send an email manually then "Copy and Paste" you computer ID to your email, if you type it in it will not work.
Make sure you have "Job Timer 3" (or Job Timer 2) - (or Job Timer) in in the "Subject line". If you type something else in the subject line, chances are your email will not be received. Be sure to send it to "denzii@jobtimer.net"

A Registration Key will be emailed to you immediately. You will need to "copy and paste" that key to the "Enter Code" box. (typing in the 4 numbers is ok, but you must copy and paste the 10 letters and or symbols)

how to copy and paste?

The Dash is already included just enter the code without the dash.

Once this has been done, press on "Register" now a message box will show and when you press "OK" Your program will shut down. Just open your program back up and if everything went well then you will see a password box pop up.

Included in the registration email will be your password, Please enter this in. To complete your Registration you will need to install the patch. please patch your program at this time by clicking on "About" and then "Check for updates".

Be aware that if you download any version of the program other than the original web site then the primary password may not work, but this is ok, just click on "Continue" and grab an update of the program and enter in the update password. Once you have downloaded and installed the update your software won't ask you for anymore passwords. These passwords get changed often to prevent illegal downloads. More Information on Passwords here.

Also included in the registration email is the update password, enter this password now. Now all product information has been entered, you will not be required to enter in anymore passwords or asked to re-register your program. If at anytime you are experiencing any problems and need assistance please email me and I will assist you right away. This function has been updated in the 2.2.11 version to work properly.

In version 2.1.28 and up.

There will be another password box that shows up! You have to think to yourself "Not Again!" well this little function is asking for a "Administrator Password" This has nothing to do with the Registration passwords. This box is asking you to enter in your personal password so you can lock out features or functions of the program to employees. This box will only appear automatically with a new install, if you get an update to a previous version then you will be required to enter this manually.


Thank you again for Choosing Job Timer.


Make sure that if you have Anti-Spam Software installed that you either disable it or check your spam box to see if your email with your registration material has been filtered out. It is a possibility that the email that was sent to you may end up as spam. The reason for this is that the email that will be sent to you is automatically generated and sometimes when this happens the server thinks it's spam. Job Timer or Doc Design will never spam your in box with unnecessary mail to attract your attention or the attention of others. Actually we have no mailing list so "you" will have to check back for updates because we will not let you know when there is a new update to download or if there are any new features to Job Timer. Doc Design believes in our Customers Privacy, so after your automated email is sent then your information will be used for archival purposes only. This is "only" used for the Validity of your purchase and nothing else.

Click here on further information about Registration Delivery.



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