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Invoice Checking

Job Timer 4 Network Edition was built on the Job Timer 3 Architecture, but by no means is Job Timer 4 like it's little brother. Oh sure it does the same function but the Networking tools make it more powerful.

I will explain why Job Timer 4 Networking is superior.

Job Timer 4 will know what projects are open or closed. Each project is an invoice that part hasn't changed. A Open Project will still be active and you can add time to an open project as long as you want. But once you create an Invoice from that project then the project will lock up. Why? Because the invoice has been created and you have charged your customer for the time spent on that job and if you add more time to it then that customer doesn't get charged for that time that you spent.

Ok, so what if someone else is adding time to that project and you want to create an invoice? Job Timer will not let you create an invoice while the project is still in use. It will tell you who has the project open so you can let them know that the project will be billed as soon as their done.

Once an Invoice has been created and someone wants to add more time to the project Job Timer will let that person know that the invoice has been locked and Job Timer will just stop the clock. You will have create a new project.



You can shut these Color status bars off: Go to Network Settings and click on "Remove Invoice Status"

Auto Invoice Numbers

Some people will use the "Auto Invoice" Feature when doing so the program will start up with no Invoice (Project) number you will have to assign one yourself.

Assigning the invoice numbers manually keeps you in control. Just hit "New" or go to "Reports" and under the menu bar click on "File" then "Assign New Project Number" You can't assign a new project number if the project you're working on has a project number already.


The reason for this is that when you start the program you don't want Job Timer automatically assigning a invoice number every time. You want your invoice numbers to be consecutive. This way you don't have 10 numbers separating the invoices. For example It would appear that you had 1000 invoices when you only had 300.


Manual Invoice Numbers

You will still have to assign a Project number to your project before you proceed. If your status bar is gray then you will have to assign a project number regardless if you want to enter in your invoice number. Click on New then open your customer-project window.


You can now enter in your own Invoice Number, when you're done click on "Check" this will check the database to see if the invoice number already exists. If the Invoice already exists you have the option to either open that project or change your invoice number.

If the Invoice already exists you have the option to either open that project or change your invoice number.

If the Invoice already exists and you choose to open it you will be instructed to save the project.

If the project already exists on your computer then it will open the project instead of saving it. Once open you can save it normally.

If the project already exists in the database but does not reside on your computer then it will save normally.

If the project does not exist in the database then you can create this project normally.



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