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Default Settings



Create Backup

Creating a backup will create a backup of your Settings. Get your settings the way you want them then create a backup file. This will save this file automatically to "pricesBK.bku" This file will never change unless you create another backup. If you change your settings and you want to restore your settings back to the way you had them before you can go to "Options" and under the "File" tab you can click on "Restore Settings" and this will restore you settings the way you had them when you created your backup.


This button will clear all of the fields.


Clicking will set your settings file to the default settings "prices.hpp" file. Every time you hit "New" (for a new project) then these settings will be used.


You can setup a special settings file and name it anything you want, here we will call it "Prices1.hpp"


Select the settings file you want to save as your default settings.


Now select "Close" and this will save your settings.

Every time you start a new project these settings will be used instead of the default settings.

Override Customer Settings

This is great if you're on a network and some users will use the customer settings but you have special price sets and you don't want to use the customer settings so you would click this option and your settings will be used instead.

Default Path

This feature lets you designate the default path (where you would open and save your projects)


You can designate where your Customer Settings will be stored as well. Click on the radio button next to the field that you want changed then click what drive you wish to change and then the folder. Click on "Close" and you're done, no need to save your settings; this will save automatically. Clicking on "Clear" then closing this window will go back to the default settings.


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