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Ergonomic Function

To view a video of the Ergonomics Feature then click here.

This function will keep track of your computer usage, It will first Auto Detect your usage and adjust the setting automatically. Then when it is complete then it will let you know if you are within your target range, If you go over your target range then it will warn you to take a break. This will prevent strain on your body while using the computer.

First Enable the Ergonomic Feature by Clicking "Enable". Then click on "Auto Detect" This will now start it's process. Detecting your computer usage, this will last for 30 minutes after it's last computer usage update. So, please use the computer like you normally would. Once it has detected your computer usage then it will warn you if you go beyond that, Take a break and let your hands rest.

The condition of your computer usage is displayed in the task bar. A green dot will appear when your computer usage is good, when it turns yellow then you are in the normal range. When it turns red then it's in the warning phase. At any moment the computer will warn you to take a break, or if you notice it on your own, then take a break. This will update itself every minute.

If you select "Control Panel Show" then the little icons will appear on your small control panel only.

This gives you the ability to see what you computer usage is doing, the ergo button will appear which will let you access the ergonomics feature right from the small control panel. The circle with the "M" is your mouse click status and the circle with the "K" in it is your Keyboard status. The small box is your mouse movement status.

"Two Hour Reminder" is optional and will let you know to get up and walk around to prevent you from sitting in one place too long. If you walk away from your computer for a specified length of time your two hour reminder will reset back to zero. This was designed to let you know that you have been sitting at your computer for 2 hours straight.

"Recommended Time" will let you know when you have spent a total of 6 hours on the computer. This is the recommenced time that anyone should be sitting in front of the computer for one day.

This feature gives you the ability to adjust your settings manually, If you feel the ergonomic feature is warning you too much adjust your settings closer to the "Heavy" side, this way you get more productivity out without loosing the ability of the program warning you of potential hazard.

Running this you will need to meet the Recommended System Requirements. You can find your system requirements here. If you are not within the Recommended System Requirements then this program will not function properly.

If you do not wish to use the ergonomic feature to track your mouse movements, mouse clicks or keyboard strokes then disable this feature by pressing "Disable" but you can still have the program remind you to take a mini break, 2 hour reminder or have the recommended time enabled so these features of the Ergonomic function will still work. Or if you want to just disable the Mouse Movement feature only then slide the slider bar over to "OFF" if you want to just pause the mouse movement feature then click on "Pause" this will only pause during this session only, if you restart Job Timer then the pause button will be back to it's original settings, this button does not get saved in any profile.

If you only want to pause it for a short period of time then you can hit "A" this stands for "Auto On" if this is enabled then when there is no activity on the computer for 10 minutes then the pause button will be active again which means that you will be tracking your mouse movement again. I put this in the program because I was testing the other controls other than a mouse for Job Timer and I needed the mouse movement on again, but I forgot that I had paused it. If I had this Auto On then when I went to work hours later then my mouse movement would have already been turned on for me. If you do not wish to have the pause button active after 10 minutes of inactivity then don't click on the "A" button. The mouse movement will be paused until you turn it back on again.

Ergonomics Statistics:

Includes Overall, Weekly, Monthly and Weekly Averages of both Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes. Displays the Two Hour and Six Hour Reminder times. (Average Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks are done within a 7 day period.)

Ergonomics Preferences:

Available in the v3.2.37 update or higher

1. Allow Mouse Movement to make adjustments to the Mini Break. - If the only thing that is making the alarm go off is your mouse movement then it will automatically adjust your mini break time settings so that the mini break will show more often. This will allow you to take more mini breaks so that you have less time on the mouse. If you do no want the mouse movement changing your mini break times then uncheck this box.

2. Show Flashing Box around Messages. - At the bottom of the Ergonomics window is a Message area that will display what the ergonomics feature is doing. This flashing box will direct your eyes to the area of the ergonomics window to show you why the ergonomics alarm is going off.

3. Play Sounds - When an alarm is activated a sound is heard, if you do not wish to hear this sound then uncheck this box.

4. Lock Slider Bars - Checking this will disable the slider bars from moving.

5. Lock Controls - This will lock the controls of the ergonomic feature. You can be busy at work and the ergonomics feature pops up just as you mouse click something and accidentally hit a control on the ergo window. I have done it and it's annoying so I added this to the preferences so you mouse click all you want and it won't change anything.



If by chance you choose the wrong CPU speed or the wrong Memory setting while setting up your software and this function is not available to you then you can open up the "Administrator Password window" and enter in this password. "alsdfoansldfmalhnmlw" Once this has been entered in; the Ergonomics window will appear. Enter in your desired settings and save your settings. Restart your software and your Ergonomics and Reminder functions will be fully operational. If your computer does not meet the recommended system requirements and you're program still seems a little sluggish then turn off the Mouse Movement function.


Note: The Mouse Movement Status is only for the use of a mouse. If you have a Laptop and you use that center pad as your mouse then you should turn this feature off. You can leave it on if you wish. If you have other devices other than a mouse then this feature should be tuned off. The reason for this is that if you are using something like SmartNav (or something similar) then these devices work continuously and hard to stop. When you take your hand off the mouse then the feature has time to run back to zero. If the feature doesn't have time to run down then it will constantly warn you to take a break. This does not effect the Mouse Clicks or the Keyboard Strokes, those can remain on.


With every program and with every user being different these setting are just a recommended starting point. Please test and try first, then adjust to your liking. If you feel discomfort adjust your settings lower to prevent harm to your wrists, hands, fingers, arms, back neck and eyes. Doc Design or it's affiliates are not responsible for any medical problems while you are using the computer. This feature of Job Timer is to help prevent Medical Problems.

The user takes full responsibility of his or her use on the computer. If you are experiencing any repeated discomfort while operating the computer seek professional medical help.




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