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Job Timer 3 Features


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Here is the Main Control Screen, you can control everything from right here. Once you have your Options and Preferences all set up there really is no need to go back and adjust things to make things work the way you want them to. I tried to make this program as easy as possible so all you have to do is concentrate on the work that makes you money. In this tutorial I will show you every aspect of this program so you will know how to operate it with ease.


0. Settings
1. Countdown Timer
2. Count-up Timer that adds your time on anything you want. (ie: Uptime etc.)
3. Delayed Timer so you can us a "Minimum Amount"
4. Multi Timed Services so you can charge different prices for different things.
5. Set Services or Items that you would normally charge. Example: "Service Charge"
6. Timed Services can be added all at once, say you have several people working on the same job, you can add up more than one service.
7. A help function that is un-heard of in software applications.
8. Additions or Subtractions to your time. (I have on occasion forgot to start the timer, so I have to add a few extra minutes to make up for it.) While the Timer is running this function will only last for 2 minutes.
9. "Minimum Amount" This is for those that charge a minimum amount. So if you have a 1/2 hour minimum just go into Timer Settings and select 1/2 hour minimum price requirement hit save in "Options" and this will be your default setting, so if you click on "Minimum" or "Delayed Start" this will increase the job by 1/2 hour.
10. Alarm Clock.
11. Built in Printable Invoice.
12. System Tray Operation, you can control certain parts of the program right from the task bar.
13. Automatic Program Launch set to open up a Program automatically once a day.
14. Administrator Options Now you can lock out certain parts of the program from employees
15. Degrade Function This will automatically adjust your hourly rate on the size of the job.
16. Small Control Panel, Optional Smaller control panel that remains on your desktop.
17. Ergonomic Feature is a feature to Job Timer that will warn you if your computer usage is too much. Will keep track of Mouse Clicks, Keystrokes (daily, weekly, monthly and weekly averages)
18. Invoice Tracking will track your invoices for you when their due.
19. Activity is a function that will track all activity done in Job Timer.
20. Dock-Able Application Bar can be placed on top or bottom of your computer screen.
21. Recently opened projects will open up previous projects very quickly.
22. Job Timer Idle will stop the clock automatically if you walk away from the computer.:
23. Setup Wizard will show when you first install your program. Please take the 17 steps in setting up your software.
24. Time Check will check Job Timer Progress by the Computers internal Clock.
25. Reminder will remind you of anything you wish it to. This is not effected by the Ergonomics Feature so it will alert you regardless if you're on the computer or not.
26. Project Reminder will alert you when the clock is off, a project is loaded and you're on the computer.
27. Project Data will keep track of your invoices, paid and non paid, print out reports and let you know what has been paid and what hasn't been paid and the totals of all invoices or just projects that have more than one invoice so you can see how much one project has been costing.
28. Employee Time will record the time that an Employee has spent on a job.
29. Smart Timer Technology will enhance Job Timers' clock for optimized performance.

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for here please download the PDF manual of this Program.

If I have left something out or you cannot understand a function of this program then please contact me here.




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