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Job Timer 3 Set up Wizard


This will automatically show when you install your software. Press go to start the Setup wizard.

Setup 1

To setup up your Company Information Please fill out the required fields. This information is only used for the invoice and nothing else.

Setup 2

Fill out the "Set Services" (ie: Service Charge etc.) If you don't know what to put here at the moment then Click on "Skip" for more information on "Set Services" Click here.

Setup 3

This is to setup your "Timed Services" If you don't know what to put here then you can save this for later. But the program will be required on how much you charge per hour. Under "Hours(Base Price)" fill in the amount under "Prices". For more information on "Timed Services" please click here.


Product updates is a function that will allow you to be informed of any new updates to the program. If you would like to be informed on new updates to the program then leave it on "Yes" and hit "Next"

Setup 5

Online Help buttons are little buttons on certain windows of the program , when you push these little buttons they will display a web page that will explain what the process or function does. If you select "No" then these buttons will not appear. But this is ok, you can always choose this function later if you wish, Just go to "Settings" then under the "Preferences" tap you will find several options to choose from; one of which is the online help function.

Setup 6

Time Check is a function that will check the Job Timer's clock against the Computers Clock. This feature is recommended to be turned on. This will ensure accuracy within seconds of your job. To view more information on this function please click here.

Setup 7

Alarm Settings are for those of you that will require an alarm. When you click on "Yes" this will allow you to set the alarm to your liking.

Once you have your settings then hit "Next"

Setup 8

The "Project Reminder" function is for those of us who forget to start the clock if we are working on the current project. It will ask you. "The timer has stopped, do you want it on?"

This will appear if you have a project open, you're on the computer and the clock has stopped. (Note the clock doesn't stop automatically unless you walk away from the computer.)
If you wish this feature to be turned on then click on "Yes" then "Next"
You also have the option to set up the ergonomics feature is you want.
NOTE: This feature is only for those computers that have 700mhz CPU or Higher, and or, 128mb of RAM or higher.

Setup 9

Project Idle if clicked will turn off the Job Timer Clock automatically when you walk away from the computer. By default the clock will stop in 2 minutes. You can change it if click on "Settings" then under the "Reminder" tab you will see the box called "Idle" choose from there how many minutes you would like Job Timer to stop the clock if you walk away from the computer. This feature is temporarily disabled if you click on "Phone" in either the Application bar or the Small Control Panel.

NOTE: This feature is only for those computers that have 700mhz CPU or Higher, and or, 128mb of RAM or higher.

Setup 10

Program Launch is a feature that will open up a program for you then start the clock automatically. Choose your most used. Click on "Browse" then find your favorite programs ".EXE" file. Once you complete this task you will be able to open you your favorite program right from Job Timer. Note: For each timed service you will be able to choose a program for each timed service. You can find that function if you click "Settings" then under the "Program Launch" tab you will find "Application paths" there you will be able to setup Job Timer to open up each program for each Timed Service. If you leave any of those fields blank then it will open up the primary Application.

Setup 11

Automatic save will save your progress every 3 minutes by default, you can change this if you wish by going to "Settings" then under the "Auto Save" tab. Here you can choose where you would like the auto save function to save your progress.

Setup 12

Choosing this will show the small control panel when you close the Main Control panel. for more information on the Small Control panel then click here.

Setup 13

The Application bar is a window that remains on your desktop like your Windows Application bar. To see more information on the Application bar then click here.

Setup 14

Automatic Launch; this is a function that will open up an application once a day when you start windows. Click on "Yes" then browse for the application that you want to start with Job Timer. For more information on this please click here.

Setup 15

Start with windows; Clicking on "Yes" will start Job Timer every time you Start your computer.

Administrator Password; Please setup a password at this time, this will allow you to go in and change some features of the program that you don't want visible to employees or disable them from changing settings. More information on the Administrator Options can be found here.

Setup 16

This is a great tool for those of us that have several things going on and you need to open several projects quickly. More information on this can be found here.

Setup 17

This will setup the reports window. Reports will always be taken but this will allow you to change the settings if you wish. More on the reports and activity logging can be found here.


Now you will be able to use your software.


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