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Job Timer 4 Scheduler

This new addition to the Job Timer Family has finally arrived. This program can be used with Job Timer 4 network addition and will be networked so everyone in your crew can add and get alerts that others have entered like important meetings or paint ball schedules.

Right now the Scheduler program has been designed to work with all versions of Job Timer and the Network edition will be shipped with Job Timer 4.

This is really simple but effective scheduler. Really easy to enter in times and description. Just put in the time and description hit add and you're done. If you happen to start the scheduler after the time was up on an event the scheduler will still remind you of the passing event.The only thing missing on this scheduler is the end time. This will keep this scheduler simple. You enter in your next event and this will end your previous event. It's no Office Calendar and never intended to be. It's supposed to be really simple to use.

Enter in the Time and Description and then up on the calendar click on the days you want this event to happen and click "add". This is one of the features that will keep this scheduler simple to use.

Check it out. It's free and you don't have to own Job Timer to use this simple scheduler.

The version that comes with Job Timer 4 Network Edition will have all features enabled.

1. You can use this Scheduler on your network so when someone on your network sets up a schedule everyone will get it.

2. You can color your program anyway you want.

3. You can choose from many Alarm Sounds.

4. You can set up Daily, Weekly or Monthly reoccurrence schedules.

If you already own Job Timer 4 just do an update and this program will be already installed and it will work with Job Timer.

For all other versions of Job Timer you can Download your free copy.

Download your copy here.

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