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Backing up your database

No Update to Job Timer 3 will ever overwrite your database but Just in Case it's always better to be safe than sorry.

To back up your database please do the following:

1. Go to C:/Program Files/Doc Design/Job Timer3 or if you have installed your program elsewhere then open that folder.

2. Find the db1.mdb file or if you can't see any file extensions then find the file db1

3. Right click on the file and select "Copy".

4. Create a new folder by either right clicking in the directory and selecting "New - Folder"

5. Rename this folder "Backup"

6. Open your new folder and right click then select "Paste".

You should see your db1.mdb file in this folder. If you do not, then repeat steps 2,3 and 6.

Once you have backed up your database your database will be safe. You may want to repeat this process everyday.

You can get a automatic backup program, I recommend "Second Copy" this is a great tool for backing up sensitive files just in case of a computer malfunction and you loose data. You can get this here.

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