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Invoicing Program for Job Timer 3 Version 1.1.8 Beta
Anyone with Version 1.0.x should download the new version.

What JT3I (Job Timer 3 Invoice) does is converts Job Timer 3 Project files into an HTML file then it will open your web browser, display your invoice and all you have to do is hit print right from Internet Explorer.

Even though Job Timer doesn't have a built in way of figuring tax; this program does, you tell it what process to tax and it will add it to the invoice. You can save your invoice for future reference. New! You now can add notes to your invoice.

You can change the color of your invoice and soon you will be able to change the style of your invoice. Once you have all your settings the way you want them you can save your preferences and hit "Make Invoice".

Print your new invoice

The best part is that this invoice program is free!!! Get your free copy today, download it with your Job Timer update.

Job Timer 3 now has the Invoicing program linked to it so when you choose "Use Invoice Program" in settings and you go to print an invoice it starts your invoicing program, loads the current project automatically and all you have to do is hit "Make Invoice" and you're done. The Invoicing program reads the actual "Saved" file that Job Timer Created. So in order to print an invoice you will have to save your project. (Job Timer will remind you to save your work before you print.)


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