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Countdown Timer

This feature is really simple:
Click on "Plus" boxes and this will increase the time selected by 1. Keep clicking it to get to the desired time.
Click on "Start" and this hide your Plus and Minus buttons and start the timer.

Click on "Start Job Timer After Countdown" to start the clock on Job Timer after the Countdown Timer has ended.

"Auto Start" will start the Countdown Timer Automatically when you load the program.

"Repeat" will keep repeating the Countdown timer over and over again until you uncheck this box.

This little application was designed to sit on your desktop without the aid of Job Timer, So Job Timer will sit in your system Tray while the Countdown timer is counting down.
If you hit "Close" then Countdown Timer will keep working in the background till it has reached "0"
Once the countdown Timer has reached "0' then it will make a sound. If you wish to change the sound then replace the "Sound.wav" in the application directory to whatever wave you wish, but just make sure it's called "Sound.wav" or that function will not work.





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