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Time Check

This function of the program will automatically check itself against the Computers Clock to see how accurate it is. Every computer is different in the way it's set up. CPU (Central Processing Unit) can be slower than others and there for works slower than others. Job Timer was designed to get up to the minute accuracy on Jobs or Projects that you are working on.

The Time Check Function will now make sure that your project is up to the second accuracy. After running some tests on a 500mhz machine I got a total of 1 minute loss in 6 hours without Time Check turned on. With time check turned on I got +1 to +9 seconds within that 6 hour period of time.

After running some tests on a 1.6ghz machine I got a total of 20 seconds loss in 6 hours without Time Check turned on and with all the features turned on, (ie: Ergonomics, Project reminder and Job Timer Idle.). With time check turned on I got +1 to +9 seconds within that 6 hour period of time.

Time check will adjust itself 6 Times within a 1 minute period during which time it can gain 6 seconds. When it has satisfied itself it will not gain or loose anymore time against the clock. The most Time Check can gain is 9 seconds against the clock. So if the CPU slowed down or there was a large load then Time Check will keep Job Timer in Check and not loose any time, at which point you may see some gain in seconds over a long period of time .These gains in seconds are not the result of Job Timer naturally loosing time; it's telling you how much time had to be gained because of the CPU Speed that was dedicated to Job Timer. Under normal circumstances Job Timer does not require a whole lot of CPU speed or memory. With some features of the program turned on like Ergonomics, Project Reminder and Job Timer Idle Job Timer can get a little resource hungry.

Testing all these functions with a 500mhz machine was rather taxing on the computer. During the Installation process there will be a window that appears before anything else happens. This box will ask you for your CPU speed, if it is less than 700mhz then you will not see the features that were mentioned above. This will ensure that your Job Timer program will work with complete efficiency.

Job Timer 4 now has "Smart Timer" Technology. When you click "Time Check" This will enable this feature. This will turn on "Timer Boost" and "Smart Timer".

"Timer Boost" Will increase the main timers interval to get Time Check in sync faster.

"Smart Timer" Will increase the main timer to stay in sync.

So no matter how fast your machine is, this new technology will keep your timer in sync much better than before.

To turn these features off you can either turn off Time Check or you can go to Timer Settings and shut off either Timer Boost or Smart Timer.


Figure A

This example shows "4 seconds"

Figure B

This example shows "3" seconds

To view the video of Time Check then click here.

If figure B is less than Figure A then Time Check will adjust Figure B by 1 second. Once this "Catch up" has been done, Job Timer should stay on track with current time.

Just like any other program; the higher the CPU Speed the better Job Timer works (Luckily Time is always the same on all computers.). To get your CPU speed do the following:

Go to "Start" then to "Control Panel", Click on "System" (in some cases it may say "Computer") under the "General" Tab will be the listing of your computers specifications.

Some People really couldn't care less about how accurate Job Timer is when it comes to seconds but I do. I want Job Timer to be as accurate as possible. If you want the all the features that Job Timer has to offer; then when you see the "System" window appear then click on "Go" without changing anything and the program will allow you to use all the features. If you hit "Skip" the program will ask you again at a later time.


Once this has been done the Job Timer Wizard will show.

Once you have completed the 17 steps in setting up the software you finally get to use it. This introduction will allow you to see how much Job Timer does. For more information on the Setup Wizard Click here.


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