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Dock-able Application Bar

To view the video on the Application Bar then click here.

If you click on this feature you will have a Dock-able Application bar. This bar can be placed up on top or bottom of your computer screen. It will stay as a application bar that shows all the time and be apart of your windows screen or you can have it auto hide at which point you can put your cursor on top or bottom of your computer screen an it will slide out so you can adjust your Job Timer Program.

This will show you "Timed Process + Time spent on the project" The "Total of the Project" and "Name of the project"

Settings; are settings for the application bar only.

Phone is like the button on the mini control panel, If you get a phone call on the same project then it will automatically check "Hours" for you, make an entry in the Reports as "Hours-Start" and in notes it will say "Phone" Then you can talk freely without the program shutting down the clock automatically. (temporally disables the idle process)

Once you click on Phone again it will revert back to the settings you had before you were on the phone.



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