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Project Data

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Search Customer:

You can Search for Customer so it will only display the customer you select only and display all invoices created for that customer or it will display open invoices only.

Find Named Projects:

Click on a project that has more than one invoice then clicking this button will display all of these invoices giving you the total of the whole project, paid and non-paid.

Search Project:

Clicking this will allow you to search for a particular project.

Search Invoice Number:

Clicking this will allow you to search for a particular invoice number.

Adjust Total:

This will allow you to adjust the total of the project. Lets say that you added tax to your project or you wanted to add a few dollars to the invoice. Here you can adjust your new total giving you the correct totals.

Make Payment.

Once the invoice is completed then you "Make a payment". This will keep the Totals accurate. Plus if you close the invoice then when you click on "Current Projects" this invoice will no longer be displayed as an invoice that needs to be collected.


Clicking this will close out the current project loaded. A loaded project is the one displayed at the top of the window.


This will refresh the database and give you all the information that was ever collected.

Current projects

Clicking this will give all the current invoices that have been created by Job Timer, this will not however give you current projects that you are working on, since there has been no invoice created for this project it can't track them until there has been invoice issued.

Get Project:

Click on a project that you wish Job Timer to open, then click on "Get Project" this will load the project into memory. Then go to Job Timer and click on "Reports" and under the "File" tab (in the menu bar) click on "Import". Now Job Timer will have opened the project.

Delete Record:

Clicking this will delete the current project loaded.


This will print the current page, if you have selected "Current Projects" then you hit "Print" then it will print a report of all the current projects that haven't been paid yet.

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