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Option Functions


1. Set Services
2. Launch Application Feature
3. Two Hour Reminder Feature
4. Edit labels
5. Edit Company Information
6. Auto Save Function

Set Services

These are Services that you may perform that have a "Set" Price, (re: Service Charge or Transporation Charge) The clock has no effect on these items, so clicking on one of these you will be able to adjust the amount manually.

Launch Application Feature:

You can find out more information on this feature here.

Hour Reminder:

This feature reminds you that it's time to take a break or whatever you wish to use this for. It can just pop up the Command Screen or Play a sound when your hours are up. Click on either the reminder or the THR Sound check boxes to enable it.
You will be able to see the H (hours) Mins (Minutes) displayed. You can clear it when you feel like it or when the program lets you.
Also this function starts it's timing when you start the program, if you shut down the program you will lose your time. The program also shuts down the Clear button and the two adjustment buttons, clicking these will cause you to loose your stored time as well, so the program will not allow you to make any adjustments to this function while the clock is running. Please be sure to adjust your reminder settings and then save them. Remember to close the Job Timer program and NOT select exit.

Edit Labels:

You are able to create your own labels so you know what to call your services. Just click on Edit Labels and then fill in the required fields, when you leave it blank then everything pertaining to that section on the control panel will not be displayed.

The Hours field is not editable but you can fill anything you wish in all the other fields.

The reason for separating the labels from the prices is that once you have set up your labels, chances are you won't have to do this again, so the less places to edit fields while operating a piece of software the better.

Edit Your Company Information:

This is pretty explanatory, no need to go into detail here other than the fact that when you fill in your company information it is only used for the Invoice and nothing else.

Auto Save Function:

This feature will save your progress every 1 to 10 minutes. If you do not have a file to save it to it will save it automatically to: C:\Program Files\Doc Design\Job Timer\Autosave.hpl You can change this in "Preferences" for more information on this feature click here.






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