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Preferences Functions.


1. Set and Save Minimum Clock Settings
2. Select a Skin Color
3. Select the Auto Save Path
4. Enable Idle
5. Reminder
6. Manual Input

Set and Save Minimum Clock Settings:

This feature sets your minimum hour requirements, When you click on "Start Clock right away" then when starting the clock it starts adding up your price right away. The minimum can be set from 1/4 hour to 1 hour. Once you have clicked on the check mark next to the selection you made then when you hit "Close" it will direct you to the "Options" screen, there all you have to do is hit "Save" and then it will go away. This will set up your default settings and it will use this setting every time you start your program. Now click on "Delay Start" and hit "Start" This will start adding up your time after it has reached it's delayed start time.

Setting it to "Start clock after minimum" your minimum price will show up in the "Base" price. So the clock will keep adding up, but your price will not, it will wait till it has reached the setting you requested then the price will start to increase.

Select Skin Color:

If your bored with the current skin color you can change it to 1 of 4 selections.

Select Auto Save Path:

Here you can select the Auto Save Path. The default setting is:
"C:\Program Files\Doc Design\Job Timer2\AutoSave.hpl"

When you do not have a path for your project to be save as, then the program will notice that you don't have a save path. When you click on "Enable Auto Save" in "Options" then every 3 minutes your program will start saving your progress so you don't loose any information due to either accidentally closing the program without saving, power outage or a system crash.

When you get your program back up and running again, just open the "AutoSave.hpl" File and your information will be in tacked. If you have a save path already, your program will save your progress to that file instead.


Idle is when you walk away from the computer and forget to shut down the clock, it will stop the clock for you, then when you move the mouse or hit a key on the keyboard the clock will start back up again.



This feature will remind you to turn on the clock if you haven't already.

Manual Input

This is for those of you that can't be on the computer every second of the day or nor do you want your computer adding up the time for you. You can also use this for times that you know what time you started on the job and what time you ended, but you never even touched your computer today. Now you can add your time manually hit apply and it will add the times to Job Timer for you. Hit Check to complete the entries, because even though it's trying very hard to calculate the time for you it still needs to make adjustments. Check to make sure that it's working correctly. (This feature is still Beta testing there will be some adjustments to the program to make it work better.) To access this, enter into your Administrator Options and click on "Manual Input ON" this will enable the ability to use this new feature.





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