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This feature is only available to the Job Timer 3 Version

This is a Database that will store all activity of Job Timer.If you click on a Timed Service it will report it as a "Time In" and record the Date and Time when you clicked that process, if you want to you can add a notation to that line. When you are done with that process and you hit "Stop" it will record that you stopped that process at that Date and Time. If you change processes without hitting the stop button it will just move on to the next process as if you never stopped what you were doing. Which is nice because that's exactly what happened.

This feature will track your invoices for you, you pick how many days you want the program to tell you when the invoice is due (ie: 30 days Net) then you put "30" in the "Days" box. All you have to do is print an invoice. If you do not use the invoice that comes with the program all you need to do is hit "Track this Project".

When the time is due the program will say "You have an invoice due today" provided you have "Track Invoices" ON.

When it reminds you that an invoice is due but the customer has already paid for it. Then open that project and hit "Complete" this will fix the invoice so that it will won't remind you again that an invoice is due.

This feature will print your processes as well so you keep a paper copy of your activity on the job.


All Activity in Job Timer will be recorded as an entry Time in and Time out, Keep notes for each line. Then Keep the invoice date and invoice due date. This is all done automatically, there is nothing that the user has to do. There is one thing about this feature; you are not allowed to edit a line, you can't delete or alter the entries as they appear. This is done on purpose and that purpose being that you can not forge or create any document that will say what happened when it really didn't. So if you make an entry your 're stuck with it. This is helpful and a valuable feature to employers and a nice feature to tell customers that rely on pure honesty.

Note: The Total Price reflects only Timed Services so the total on the invoice may be different than the report.

When adding up Timed Services 1 minute at a time the report will be off by a few pennies. I will explain why.:
Divide 1 (minute) by 60 (minutes) = .0166666. Job Timer has a decimal placement of (3) so .017 will be one minute. So let's take $100 an hour and times that by .017 this equals $1.7 The report takes it one further and adds this up with (4) decimal places. (i will explain why) Job Timer doesn't add .017 + .017 it takes 2 and divides it by 60 = .033 and the report will add .0167 + .0167 = .0334

Lets try this again with some real time. Lets use the same logic and use 15 minutes instead. Now if you wanted to add up time 1 minute at a time then this is what the outcome would be. Job Timer will look at this as 15 minutes. Take that 15 and divide it by 60 this would equal .25 (25% - since 15 minutes is 25% of 1 hour) but the report will add up the 15 minutes one at a time .0167 + .0167 + .0167 etc. 15 times. Now do the math on that and this would equal .2505 as you can see the report is off by .0005 You ask why (4) decimal places? well if you use the same (3) decimal places as Job Timer uses then the out come is worse Lets try that logic and use the (3) decimal places - .017 + .017 + .017 etc. 15 times = .255 now we are off by .005 which is worse. Ok but the report really don't work that way, it's not adding up minutes one at a time, if you spent 1 hour on a job then the report will reflect 1.0000 x $100 = $100, (same as Job Timer) This is why the report can be off by a few pennies if you are just dealing with minutes. The Job Timer invoice and time tracking is much more effective and much more accurate because it deals in real time additions. Every time Job Timer adds a minute it is dividing that minute by 60 so if you get 15 minutes then that 1/4 of an hour or .25 - 30 minutes is 1/2 or .5 of an hour and so on.



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