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Time Spent on a Project.

All Job Timer programs were designed to keep track of your time spent on a project, add up the cost and print out an invoice. You also have the ability to copy the job for a one line item for another invoice if you choose this option.

To explain this better you can click here.

Job Timer 3 and 4 will go even further and keep track of your activity in Job Timer. If you click on a Timed Service it will report it as a "Time In" and record the Date and Time when you clicked that process, if you want to; you can add a notation to that line. When you are done with that process and you hit "Stop" it will record that you stopped that process at that Date and Time. If you change processes without hitting the stop button it will just move on to the next process as if you never stopped what you were doing. Which is nice because that's exactly what happened.

In Job Timer 2 and 3 the program knows if you're at the computer or not, there is a feature built in to the program that will detect that you're not at the computer and it will shut down the clock automatically, when you arrive and start working again then the clock will start right back up where you left off, this too is recorded as "Auto Stop" and "Auto Start. It also has the ability to know that when you're on the computer and you haven't started the clock; it will remind you to turn on the clock if you are working on that particular project. Both of these features are Optional and you can turn on or off these functions. Just check out the "Reminder Tab" in "Settings." To see the video click here.

Program Launch

All Versions of the program will automatically start the program you work with and then start the clock automatically for you, the only thing you need to worry about at the end is shut off the clock and save your time. You can keep this up until you are ready to bill the job, just print an invoice. [More...] To see the video click here.





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