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System Tray Control

To view a video of the System Tray Operation then click here.

You are able to do some limited tasks in the task bar menu. Just Right Click the icon in the System Tray click on the desired function, Clicking on a timed service will start the clock automatically.

Icon Meanings

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To see these Icons all the time you will need to instruct Windows to "Show Always" You can fix this by doing the following:

In the Task Bar "Right Click" on your mouse and hit "Properties"

Then Click on "Customize".

Then find "Job Timer" and click on it and choose "Always Show", you can do this with your Ergonomics Icon too.

Make sure you do this to both the green and red Icons. They are both different and will require you to adjust them separately.




Mini Control Panel


To see a video of the Small Control Panel click here.

The Mini control Panel was added for convenience, if you choose this option, every time you hit "Close" on the main control panel this smaller one will pop up. Then to get the main control panel to pop back up, then click close on this smaller one. You can toggle back and forth doing it this way. To hide this small control panel, click on "Hide".

To turn this on:

On the main control panel click on "File" then click on "Window" then check "On" this will be stored as a setting and will remain on if you save your settings in the "Options" window.

This function will also Idle your progress if you walk away from the computer and forget to hit Stop. When you move your mouse or hit a key on the keyboard it will start Job Timer Automatically. Now if you're on the phone and not on the computer, then click on "Phone" and this will change your job timer timer setting to the default (hours) then it won't go into Idle mode; then click on "Phone" again and it will revert back to the setting that Job Timer had before.

To Turn this on:

To view the movie on Project Idle then click here.

Open up "Preferences" then click on "Enable Idle" To turn on the Idle function then set the time in Minutes. Displayed above the program will stop itself when 1 - 10 minutes has been met.

When you come back to the computer then Job Timer will start up automatically either by pushing a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse.






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