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Fixes or Additions to Job Timer


Version 4.8.20 (Patch)

When you walk away from the computer Job Timer stops the clock, when you come back the clock will restart but after 10 minutes it will ask you instead of you want to work on the project loaded. Somehow during the course of working on the CPU detection feature this somehow stopped working. I have fixed this in this patch.

Version 4.8.19 (Patch)

Fixed an issue with the CPU detector shutting down after a long run causing the clock to stop.

Version 4.8.18 (Patch)

1. Fixed an issue with creating an project then trying to print out an invoice without saving the project first.

2. Added the ability to customize the CPU usage feature, you can now choose if you would like to create an average output on multiple CPU's

3. Prevented CPU Spikes causing the clock to remain on even though the computer is technically in the idle stage. This has been equipped with a sensitivity slider bar. Far to the left will be the highest sensitivity.

Version 4.8.17 (Patch)

The CPU Monitor now supports Multiple CPU's. Those dual and Quad CPU's are now supported. Also I have increased the parameters on the CPU usage so now it's adjustable to 50-90% since Quad CPU's use less than a single core.

Version 4.8.16 (Patch)

1. The CPU Monitor is now adjustable. You can choose between 70,80 or 90 percent of the CPU usage. I may widen this window up if tests confirm that it will be necessary to do so.

2. I have been updating the Job Timer 4 Manual. There is a newer version of this manual in this Patch.

Version 4.8.15 (Patch)

1. Added the ability to resize and move your recent projects window.

2. Added the CPU Monitor to the Idle Feature. When your CPU reaches 80% or above the Idle feature will delay until the CPU reaches below 80% enabling the people that do Rendering, Audio or Video work and would like the timer to keep going until the computer itself has completed the task.

Version 4.8.14 (Patch)

1. Fixed an issue with the programs reminder feature.

2. Added the ability to turn off the statistics on Time Check. These numbers really don't mean anything to the average user they were put there to monitor the time check function. I could have just eliminated them all together but some like to see how well their computer is doing.

Version 4.8.13 (Patch)

1. Fixed an issue with recording a zero entry while in a No Bill situation, thus making the Invoice program give an error.

2. In the middle of a project you are not supposed to be able to change the billing cycle. This never posed a problem when calculating minutes but with the new Seconds feature the whole program has to do math differently and when you're able to change the setting while a project is loaded and has time already added to the project the total get thrown off. So I disabled the ability to change this setting while a project is loaded.

Version 4.8.12 (Patch)

Fixed and issue with the Calculating Seconds feature.

Version 4.8.11 (Patch)

Added a new feature to the Ergonomics Feature. This will allow you to do the 20/20 rule. This means that in 20 minutes Job Timer's Ergonomics Feature will remind you to focus on something far away for 20 seconds. This can be turned off if you don't want this feature. By default this will be turned on. If you walk away from the computer for 20 Seconds the time accumulated will be paused and if you leave the computer for 10 minutes then the time will be reset.

Version 4.8.10 (Patch)

1. Fixed an issue with the Scheduler program in deleting entries made.

2, Fixed an issue with the Scheduler program in Vista, the program lagged really bad and it was difficult to create an entry.

Version 4.8.9 (Patch) 4.8.2 (Trial)

1. Calculating your total by the second was added to the trial version.

2. Fixed an issue with this feature in both versions because of a glitch in opening up a project that is still using the minutes setting and switching over to the seconds setting.

Version 4.8.8 (Patch)

Fixed an issue with the new feature calculating your costs by the second. Apparently if you were working on a job that had this setting to minutes and switching back to seconds then the job that was running seconds would run on the minute setting which would throw off the whole total.

Fixed an issue with the installer not registering the Standard OLE Type Library in Windows 7.

Fixed an issue with the Scheduler in Windows 7. If you try to delete an entry then it would lock up. This required re-writing the delete code completely and the Database in option 3 will need to be changed to "Text" so if you have Access then you can change this your self but if you don't then you will need to delete db7.mdb first then do an update. This will replace your database with the correct configuration.

Enhanced the Scheduler Program to let you decide on how many reoccurrences and now you have the option to add a event every year. Enter in your description and select "Monthly" then click on "Repeat every 12 months".

Version 4.8.7 (Patch)

Job Timer 4 will now calculate your costs up to the second. This was created for those of you that charge large amounts per hour. Instead of waiting for the clock to hit the next minute Job Timer will now calculate your time to the second. This also works with Time Check turned on so if Time Check adjusts your time it will also adjust your total. This feature is included in the Job Timer 4 update only. For those that own Job Timer 4 just do an update and this feature will have been added. Start Job timer, go to "Timer Settings" click on the desired setting ".01, 1, 5, 10, 15" and then save your settings. By Default "1" will be displayed but you will still need to save your settings for any changes to take place.

Version 4.8.6 (Patch)

Fixed a problem with STX running wild. I have noticed that the STX fo Smart Timer would go out of sync with the computer clock and give Smart Timer false readings so Smart Timer would try to keep up resulting in more time added than there acturally was. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 4.8.5 (Patch)

Finally fixed the lag problem when you have several computers networking Job Timer all at the same time. I found that if you have 5 or more computers running Job Timer either working on the same job or other jobs Job Timer seemed to lag. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 4.8.4 (Patch)

1. Updated the Billing preferences feature to allow you to "No Bill" any certain timed service, or services.

2. I noticed while printing an invoice with the new billing preferences adjustment that if there is a "0" in the total column it won't print but give an error "Type Mismatch". If you go into your report and delete any line that says "0" in the total it will print an invoice without the error. I have fixed this issue in this patch.

Version 4.8.3 (Patch)

1. Updated the Billing preferences feature to allow you to "No Bill" any certain timed service, or services.

2. I noticed while printing an invoice with the new billing preferences adjustment that if there is a "0" in the total column it won't print but give an error "Type Mismatch". If you go into your report and delete any line that says "0" in the total it will print an invoice without the error. I have fixed this issue in this patch.

Version 4.8.3 (Patch)

I never messed with the "No Bill" option before and when I did the first time I did it in Job Timer3 and it worked the way it was supposed to but in Job Timer 4 and the way the reports are created I had re-write the No Bill feature. This feature has been fixed in this patch.

Version 4.8.2 (Patch)

Added a new feature called "Current Projects". This is for those of us that create our own invoice numbers but sometimes we forget what invoice numbers we have used. So this feature will remember what invoice numbers we have used and it's really easy to look up so we can apply the next invoice number for the new project being created.

Version 4.8.0 (Full)

1. Implemented all additions and fixes from the update version to the trial version.

2. Now in Version 4.8 you have the ability to change up to 12 users. With this you can override prices, labels and each user can customize skins for their liking. Most of all the other settings are still used by default.

Version 4.7.10 (patch)

I noticed when I was testing Windows 7 I couldn't print an invoice in Job Timer 4 it told me that the path for the invoice was missing. Well I looked into this and what was happening is that the "preview.htm" file was missing and therefore could not complete the task in creating the invoice. So I included the preview.htm file to the set up. If you want to you can just update your software and you will have this file installed for you. Or you can take your Invoice.htm file copy it to another folder and rename it "preview.htm" then stick it back into the Job Timer4 folder and printing your invoice should be ok.

Version 4.7.9 (patch)

When you print an invoice in the middle of the month and all of your other invoices are still being worked on the invoice that you just printed will be locked. This happens but it locks the next invoice you open then when you unlock the current invoice and open the invoice you just printed it is supposed to be locked, but for some reason it's no longer locked. This has been fixed in this patch so when lock an invoice it stays locked and the next invoice you open will remain unlocked.

Version 4.7.8 (patch)

Added the Job Timer Scheduler to Network with Job Timer 4. You can now turn on the Scheduler which will turn on when your databases have been located and when you enter in an event everyone on your network will get the same event. If you don't want the Scheduler to be networked then you can uncheck the network button and your events will be private.

Version 4.7.7 (patch)

Added several new Skins

Version 4.7.6 (patch)

Fixed the way that you can import Job Timer 3 and 2 projects over to Job Timer 4.

Version 4.7.3 (patch)

1. When having the Network status unchecked the program would say there was a network problem and would not operate properly. This has been fixed in this patch.

2. When searching for exisitng Invoices not all of the Project Information is displayed. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 4.7.2 (patch)

1. Enhanced the Time Check Feature under computer load.

2. Enhanced Network Detection

Version 4.7.1 (patch)

Added the Employee Reports feature.

Version 4.6.9 (patch)

1. Fixed an issue with going to Network Default mode and having the reports register correctly. This was caused by the network detection code that I have been working on. This has been fixed in this patch.

2. Fixed the "Invalid Picture" error.

3. Enhanced Network Detection

Version 4.6.8 (patch)

Fixed and issue with Windows Vista. When starting Job Timer the program would not load properly. This may not affect every situation. I seen it happen one time on a Vista machine.

Version 4.6.7 (patch)

1. Fixed the Invoice program to include the customers name and address. Sometimes the database is busy updating the invoice from Open to closed, this fix will allow some time for the update to occur so that the customers information can be accessed

2. Revamped the reports window to include "Record Set Services" This feature used to be in previous versions but there was no room to add this feature. I am giving back the option of including Set Services to the reports page if the customer wants this feature enabled.

Version 4.6.6 (patch)

If you try to open Job Timer 4 while clicking on an existing file your customers information would disappear. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 4.6.5 (patch)

I have fixed Job Timer loading when you start Windows or if you have network errors while starting Job Timer. If you have Job Timer set for "Start with Windows" and then when you start your computer Job Timer will lock up if your network drive isn't present. This has been fixed in this patch. Job Timer will start but will not connect to the network unless you login to your network drive. Sometimes when starting windows, Windows doesn't correctly login to the network drives so you will have to open Windows Explorer and find the network drive and open the drive manually. There are tweaking programs out there that will log you into all mapped network drives when windows starts so Job Timer will have no problem finding your databases. Since this is not a problem for most people this won't affect everyone and if it does then Job Timer will start regardless of the server status.

Version 4.6.4 (patch)

1. Degrade Feature will now support Networking.

2. Tweaked the Smart Timer.

Version 4.6.3 (patch)

1. In the event of loosing your network connection Job Timer will ask you if you would like to restart Job Timer, this is recommended because now Job Timer will remember what project you were working on and reload this project once the connection to the network has been established. Your project would have not lost any time and your database will be updated to reflect any changes that were made prior to the network going down.

2 When printing an invoice Job Timer is supposed to lock the invoice. If it don't and you re-open the project it will try to lock it again but for some reason it goes into a loop and you have to shut down Job Timer. This is a new problem and I caught it this morning and fixed it right away.

Version 4.6.2 (patch)

1. Fixed some Networking issues.

Version 4.6.1 (patch) Version 4.6.0 (Trial)

A new feature has been added. This new feature will allow you to use Job Timer as "Office Use Only". What this means is that you no longer need to put in a customer and when you select a new project Job Timer will bypass the Customer information and a little window will pop up and all you have to do is put in the Project name. This feature is great for those of you that work for a company and you need to track your time to a project. The Customer Information is irrelevant because the customer is you or your company.

Version 4.5.20 (patch)

Added a new feature to Job Timer 4. You can now format the date and time in anyway you want to display these fields. Go to Timer Settings and click on "File" and then click on "Format Date and Time".

Version 4.5.19 (patch)

Coded Job Timer to use less computer resources, making the program more efficient.

Version 4.5.18 (patch)

Time Check with STX will now monitor your minutes to make sure that Job Timer is keeping track of your time correctly.

Version 4.5.17 (patch)

1. Made the detection of the Network faster.

2. Created a new feature to the recent projects window. Now you can expand the window to allow start and stop buttons and the project name. To enable this click on "AC" or the button with a number in it that counts down how many days it will take to clear your project list. Click on "Extend Recent Project Window". Clicking this will automatically keep this window on the screen at all times.

3. Fixed an issue with the Degrade Feature. Sometimes the degrade feature would adjust your price twice. This has been fixed in this patch.

4. Adjusted the settings on the Smart Timer Feature to make it more accurate.

5. When opening up a project it would have you save your project. This gets annoying when your trying to print invoices. This has been fixed in this patch.

6. Fixed the App Checker program.

7. Fixed an issue with the Invoice program.

8. When opening up a customer file the customer may or may not be contained in the database. If this is the case then Job Timer will add your customers information to the database so you can print an invoice without getting errors.

9. The "Monthly Report" works in the daily reports feature.


Version 4.5.16 (patch)

1. Added the ability to format your entries in the reports page. By default this will be checked. This is the way that Job Timer has always worked. Go to the reports page and click on "File" then click on "Format Entries" and this will uncheck this feature. Now when you add time to your project the entries will not be formatted. This will make your entries more accurate and keep your project total close to the main Job Timer total. It may be off by 1 penny but this can't be helped since these are two different ways of calculating the time + Price giving you the total. If you have Job Timer set to read the time every 15 minutes then this feature really doesn't apply to you. If you use 1 minute billing this try this out and see if this works for you.

2. Detecting the Network just got faster.

Version 4.5.15 (Patch)

1. Fixed the Search Project Feature.

2. When opening an older project that may have a different database than you are currently using Job Timer would ask you if you want to use the project database or the default database. I found this to be confusing and unnecessary so I removed it and Job Timer will automatically use the database that the project originally used. Since Job Timer will check if the databases are present then if you have removed your old databases then Job Timer will recognize this and let you know if the databases are missing.

Version 4.5.14 (Patch)

1. Created the Job Timer 4 Manual and now it's available in the patch.

2. Added a new feature to the Project Reminder. This feature will allow you to do other functions like open another project or create a new one.

3. Fixed an issue with Job Timer locking up when the power goes out. This only applies if you have networked your databases and you have a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). This means if the power goes out and you lose your network but your computer is still running it wants to access the database but the database is missing which means that Job Timer will lock up. You have two options, you can either tell Job Timer to restart (press Yes) or you can have the option of having Job Timer go neutral allowing you to shut down the program (select "No") after pressing "No" you will be able to shut down Job Timer. When your power is restored, start Job Timer. Open the last job you had open and go to the reports page and click on "Apply last known entry". This will update the database of the time that was not entered in when the power was lost. If for some reason there isn't any information stored in this function then you can update the database by going to "File" and selecting "Match Database with Project".

4. Fixed the Program Update feature. After 2 minutes of non-use the update feature shuts off. When you move your mouse then the update feature will start back up again.

5. If you have Time Check turned on and the Smart Timer turned off and the smart timer is set to "Auto" then Smart Timer will turn on if time check is working too hard to keep up with the computers clock. This will also turn on STX which will help Job Timer keep track of your time.

6. Added a Database check to the program. Every time you start Job Timer it will look to see if all databases are present. If they are then Job Timer will run normally, if not then Job Timer will alert you that there is a missing database.

7. Fixed the New Project Wizard. When creating the first project every thing works fine. If you add another project then it acts like it's in the middle of the wizard. This has been fixed in this update.

Version 4.5.13 (Patch)

1. When saving an invoice using the Job Timer Invoice Tool all of the fields are saved correctly.

2. Made it possible to Make and Save your invoice with one click. First it will save your invoice then it will make your invoice so you can print it right from Internet Explorer.

Version 4.5.12 (Patch)

When opening a locked project then this entry will not end up in the Recent Projects Tool.

Version 4.5.11 (Patch)

1. Fixed the Job Timer Invoice program from getting an overrun error.

2. When trying to print an invoice after getting a project using the Recent Projects tool it would say that the Invoice was being used. This is true the Invoice is being used. So to fix this I had to disable printing an invoice when using the Recent Projects Tool. Please "Open" a project first then print an Invoice.

Version 4.5.10 (Patch)

When filling in a Manual Invoice number and you hit "Check" to see if the invoice already exists on the Network you would get an Runtime error "Object Required". This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 4.5.9 (Patch)

1. If you use the "Set Services" feature and save your project close Job Timer and open the daily reports you will find that nothing has been added. This has been fixed in this patch.

2. The "Project Data" (Invoice Data) and the "Daily Reports" plug ins have come out of Beta.

Version 4.5.8 (Patch)

Updated the code for Time Check, Smart Timer and STX (Advanced Smart Timer Feature)

Version 4.5.7 (Patch)

I have been working on the Smart Timer feature with STX (Advanced Smart Timer Feature) This new feature will add time to your clock if the clock has passed 10 seconds on the job timer clock. This feature is still being tested so if you're not sure on it's operation then turn it off and monitor your input times on the reports page. If it appears that you are not getting the correct times added then turn on the STX Feature and leave the Slider bar in the Default position. Keep monitoring your times and adjust the slider bar up or down for better results. Keep checking back for updates.

Version 4.5.6 (Patch)

1. Perfecting the Smart Timer Feature. Added a Automatic and Manual Feature that will allow the user to choose Job Timer to Automatically make adjustments to the Smart timer.

Added a adjustment feature for the STX (Smart Timer Enhancer) the sensitivity is adjusted by sliding the bar one way or the other. Move the slider bar to left and that will adjust the sensitivity to it's lowest position.

2. Worked on the Ergonomics Statistics feature. Now both graphs will display the day of the week.

Version 4.5.5 (Patch)

Perfecting the Smart Timer Feature.

Version 4.5.4 (Patch)

Created a Reset button for the Countdown timer.

Version 4.5.3 (Patch)

Added two new information boxes on the main control panel. The first one lets you know if the Automatic Program Launch is active and the second is a "Please Wait" box which will let you know that Job Timer is actively working and you should wait. Even though the program is telling you to wait, you really don't have to as long as there at least one green box in the Network status bar. If you have Invoice checking turned on then it's a good idea to wait until it has had a chance to check to see if you have any invoices due.

Version 4.5.2 (Patch)

If the Network goes down for any reason (router problems, server problems) Job Timer will tell you that there was an Network Error and ask you if you want to restart Job Timer, If you do then Job Timer will restart and your project would have been saved. If you choose not to restart Job Timer will clear itself. In any case your project will be saved. When the Network has been restored Job Timer will detect it automatically. Your Project will automatically reload the the database will update. You just have to be patient because Job Timer will have to check the Database first to see if it's ok to continue. Just push start and you're back up and running.

Version 4.5.0 (Trial) Version 4.5.1 (Patch)

1. Fixed the Trial Version to all the changes to the patched version.

2. Fixed the Setup wizard on some issues that that didn't work correctly.

3. Added a Job Timer 4 Program Check. This will make it possible to report any errors that may have occurred. Also with this feature will be the ability to correct these errors with a Fix it Utility. Please check back when this feature will be available.

4. Fixed the Auto Program Launch feature to detect a program that no longer exists. If you remove or change a program on your computer then a message box will appear telling you of this fact. This will prevent the program from shutting down unexpectedly and allow you to correct the problem.

5. Fixed the Menus on the Main Control Panel.

Version 4.4.14 (patch)

1. Fixed the main control panel. The drop down menus would disappear when you clicked on them.

2. Fixed the program update reminder. Now the program update reminder will only show when you start the program and when it's needed.

3. Adjusted the Smart Timer Technology settings.

4. Fixed the Clear button on the Countdown timer.

5. Fixed the update of the Daily reports when switching from one job to another using the recent projects tool.

6. Clicking on the update button would cause an error. This has been fixed in this patch.

7. When exporting the reports page to a Excel Document all fields have been included.

Version 4.4.13 (patch)

When double clicking on a project, Job Timer will load the program and the project correctly.

Version 4.4.12 (patch)

1. Improved the Smart Timer function.

2. Fixed the Manual Input Function

Version 4.4.11 (patch)

Fixed the Network status system tray icon. Now it will stay shown in the system tray.

Version 4.4.10 (patch)

Fixed the Invoice Search in Vista.

Version 4.4.9 (patch)

1. Fixed the small control panel saving position on the desktop.

2. Improved the Smart Timer Feature.

Version 4.4.8 (patch)

Fixed the small control panel saving position on the desktop.

Version 4.4.7 (patch)

Improved the Smart Timer Feature.

Version 4.4.6 (patch)

The hour button would not work:

To prevent anyone from adding time to a project while the project is locked the 15min, 30min, 1hour and 2hour buttons will be disabled. In this case the 1hour button was disabled when the project was unlocked. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 4.4.5 (patch)

Improved the Smart Timer Technology feature. This will prevent the timer from overrunning the clock.

Version 4.4.4 (patch)

1. Added "Smart Timer Technology". With time check enabled, smart timer will learn how fast to make the main timer run decreasing the amount time check has to adjust the main clocks time against the computers time.

2. Fixed the Small Panel issue with Windows Vista

Version 4.0.1 (patch) Beta

Patch was created.

Version 4.0.0 (Trial Version) Beta

Release Date: 10-21-06


If any of these patches cause errors or if there is an error in the program please contact me immediately, I will address the problem right away.




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