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Fixes or Additions to Job Timer



Version 2.6.3 (patch)

The idle feature stopped working in Windows 7. This has been fixed in this update.

Version 2.6.2 (patch) Version 2.6.1 (Trial)

The Ergonomics feature will now remember it's settings and values when you shut down Job Timer and when you open Job Timer again your setttings and values will still be there.

Version 2.6.1 (patch) Version 2.6.0 (Trial)

A new feature has been added. This new feature will allow you to use Job Timer as "Office Use Only". What this means is that you no longer need to put in a customer and when you select a new project Job Timer will bypass the Customer information and a little window will pop up and all you have to do is put in the Project name. This feature is great for those of you that work for a company and you need to track your time to a project. The Customer Information is irrelevant because the customer is you or your company.

Version 2.5.5 (patch)

Coded Job Timer to use less computer resources, making the program more efficient.

Version 2.5.4 (patch)

When converting Job Timer 2 to Vista the small control panel in XP wouldn't save it's position. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.5.3 (patch)

1. Updated the Countdown timer to match Job Timer 4's Countdown Timer with all of the updates included to make this feature easier to use and give you more options and features that make this Countdown Timer better than previous versions.

2. Fixed the "Launch Program" button on the main control panel. If there is no program to open the then button will be disabled.

Version 2.5.2 (patch)

Added an reminder to the Break Alarm

Version 2.5.0 (install) 2.5.1 (patch)

1. Job Timer 2 is now Vista Compatible

2. Fixed the Manual Input Function

Version 2.4.51 (patch)

I have added a feature to Job Timer that will help in the recovery of a project in case of a Computer Melt down. Open Job Timer and if you try to open a project that you have been working on and the project is missing or the contents of that file is missing after a computer crash then you can recover your project by going to "Settings" then under the "Auto Save" tab you can select "Recover Project" and this will give you the ability to select the project that you were working on and the project will open from the last auto save point.

Version 2.4.49 (patch)

Fixed the Continue button. You are supposed to be able to access the program 6 times without a password. Somehow down the line this feature stopped working. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.48 (patch)

It has come to my attention that Job Timer 3 lost the ability to auto save files. This has been fixed in this patch. This may not have effected Job Timer 2 but just in case I have updated the code to include this fix.

Version 2.4.47 (patch)

After you update your software and you enter in your Update Password Job Timer is not supposed to ask you for your password again. I have had one case in Job Timer 3 where this was untrue. Just in case, this problem has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.46 (patch) Critical

Re-coded the set services to be more accurate.

Version 2.4.45 (patch)

1. Fixed the countdown timer. It would start the Job Timer clock when using this feature. This has been fixed in this patch.

2. When clearing the set services all of the fields would not clear.

3. The program would always ask for a price when there was no timed service checked.

4. Included the graphics in the set up for the Invoicing program.

5. In the System tray there would be empty boxes that you could click on when there was no Timed service available.

6. Every time you wanted to save a project a dialogue box would appear warning you of overwriting files. This will only happen once.

7. Sometimes when going to "File" then "Exit" the program wouldn't exit.

Version 2.4.43 (patch)

When clicking on "Stop" in the small control panel would cause an error. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.42 (patch)

1. Fixed the "Print Invoice button" to open Job Timer 2 Invoice program.when you are trying to print an invoice.

2. Fixed the Invoicing program installation. Clicking on the Desktop Icon will now open Job Timer 2 Invoicing program.

3. If you have selected "Hide Prices" in the admin area then start the Job Timer Clock you found out that the prices would come back. This was discovered when creating Job Timer 4 and this error was created in Job Timer 2. All Programs including the trial versions of JT3 and JT4 have been fixed. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.41 (patch)

Added the ability to use the Job Timer 2 Invoicing program right from Job Timer 2 without having to open a project using the Invoicing Program separately.

Version 2.4.40 (patch)

Added a P.O. Field in the customer - project settings so you can print a P.O. number to your invoice.

Version 2.4.39 (patch)

Fixed an issue with the Mini break coming on when you are opening a job or selecting Customer information, this feature will not display, causing an error.

Version 2.4.38 (patch)

Fixed the Invoice to display today's date. When printing an invoice it would read the date the project was created instead of displaying the date that the invoice was created.

Version 2.4.37 (patch)

Fixed the Ergonomics Feature. It will now shut off normally.

Version 2.4.36 (patch)

When opening up a job that only has one or two timed services it is possible that some of the other timed services that don't have any entries will appear making it possible to check on a check box that doesn't have a price to calculate causing the program not to add any time and causing errors. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.31 (patch)

When choosing to start with windows and running this way once or twice, then decide you don't want Job Timer to start with Windows it will start anyway. This has been fixed in this patch.

When going from one job to the next it is possible that the timed service displayed in the small control panel may not be correct. Even though it's still adding up the correct times to the correct Timed service field, it's just not being displayed correctly. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.30 (patch)

Added a new feature to Job Timer 2. You will now be able to add your time manually.
Example 8:00am to 4:00pm = 8 hours.

Version 2.4.29 (patch)

Included the ability to change the currency text. This would be valuable to customers that do not reside in the United States.

Version 2.4.27 (patch)

Found an Error in the "Auto Detect" for the Ergonomics Feature. When the time ran out and it sets up your computer usage it would return an error. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.26 (patch)

Re coded the password function.

Version 2.4.25 (patch)

In the Set Services area if you hit "Delete" or "Clear" in the quantities box, it will automatically Uncheck the selection.

Version 2.4.21 (patch)

1. When clicking on "Phone" in the small control panel and error will occur, this has been fixed in this patch.

2. The drop down menu in the small control panel will display all 8 timed services even if there isn't a timed service present, which means if you click on one of these empty slots Job Timer will add up nothing. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.18 (patch)

Fixed a problem with saving your settings.

Version 2.4.15(patch)

1. Reproduced the green and red task bar icons to show on systems that use 16 bit color.

2. Fixed the continue function. If you push continue and you have 5 more times left; then the continue button would disable. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.14 (patch)

1. The message box that was showing after saving your settings was getting on my nerves. I removed it.

2. In the past People have been trying to download and install the Patch without installing the initial software. If you try to do this the program won't work. To combat this problem I had to do some coding to the Registration Process. The Downloads that are available on this site have been fixed, but you may run across a download from another site that hasn't been fixed, Unfortunately, the two don't work together and it will say "This copy isn't licensed". Just download the program again from this site and enter in your registration material again, If you need new passwords I can give them to you. As always please update your software using the update feature built into the program.this is necessary to complete the registration process. Once you have updated the program you won't see anymore registration material or required passwords. This was my intention in the very beginning, giving the paid customers free updates but I didn't consider anyone trying to install a patch without the actual program. This would result in a lot of run time errors making the program in-operable. So you can see why I had to fix this problem.

Version 2.4.11 (patch)

Some people were trying to download the patch hoping that the program would work, Well you can't do that, it's missing all the support files so therefore I get emails saying that my program don't work and I ask what they did and they tell me that they try downloading the patch and installing it without the main program.

They thought they could just bypass the initial install and just go right for the patch.

This has been fixed in this version, unfortunately it will reset passwords in previous versions of the program. There was nothing I could do to prevent this from happening. So some of you that have a previous copy of Job Timer 2 just email me and I will send you the correct passwords for the new install and updates.

Version 2.4.9 (patch)

Adjusted the "Time Check" code.

Version 2.4.8 (patch)

Added the "Time Check" to this version of Job Timer. (includes all fixes that were created in Job Timer 3)

Version 2.4.5 (patch)

1. I have found if you only put things in "Set Services" then load the project again the total will read zero. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 2.4.3 (patch)

1. Added an "Always Show" button to the small control panel, so you can have the small control panel on your screen at all times if you wish.

Version 2.4.2 (patch)

1. added a colored bar to the small control panel showing that there are settings to be saved.

Version 2.4.1 (patch)

1. Fixed the Reminder Window from showing up when you're not on the computer.:
2. Finally got the program to exit when the alarm has passed. Usually when you have the Alarm Engaged it will pull up message box saying "Alarm is still active, are you sure?". This has been fixed with this patch.
3. The small Control Panels Icon wouldn't change correctly when the Clock was running, It's supposed to be green when you click start.

Version 2.4.0 (Release Date 9-9-04)

Made revisions to the Ergonomic Feature.

Included in this package is the ability to Choose if you want the program to Start with Windows or not.

Version 2.3.7 (patch)

1. Adjusted the settings in the Ergonomic Feature.
2. Created a "Auto Detect" Feature to the Ergonomic Feature, This will allow the user to click on Auto Detect. This will detect the users Computer usage and adjust the settings automatically. This feature is totally automatic and it will shut itself off when it has completed. When this has been completed then save your settings and then it's been set, just follow the messages when they arrive and hopefully this will help you in managing your computer usage.

Version 2.3.6 (patch)

Improved on the Ergonomic Feature, I believe it is working correctly now. As with everything with this program Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Version 2.3.5 (patch)

I had to fix some problems with some of the functions in the ergonomic feature. For instance when you walk away from the computer for some period of time, it will not count that time away from the computer like you were on it. Plus it will not remind you to take a break.

Version 2.3.4 (patch)

1. Customer found a problem with the printing, The last line on the invoice would not show up. Which changed the value of the total. (Good catch!!!) This update will fix that problem.
2. Added an Ergonomic Feature to the program. This will count your Keyboard Strokes and Mouse Clicks, If you go over a certain amount then the program will warn you to take a break. It also includes a 5 - 15 minute timer to rest your arms also includes a separate 2 hour timer to get up and walk around. Then lastly there is a "Recommended Time" Which will warn you when you have been on the computer for 6 hours.This feature will hopefully prevent users from getting injured while on the computer. This option will show two colored circles on your small control panel, green is good, yellow is fair and red is danger. This feature is still in the testing phase, to turn this off, then go to "Preferences" and click on "Ergonomics" Click on "Disable".

Version 2.3.3 (patch)

1.When opening up another job then exit the program, it won't ask you to save your settings. This was added to the program because I know in some cases some jobs require different settings than the previous one, or in future jobs, so instead of saving your settings for every job that you do, it will only ask you to save your settings if you change them.
2. You are now able to save the sound selection on the Countdown Timer function.

Version 2.3.2 (patch)

Corrected some issues with the Reminder window popping up when your away from the computer.

Version 2.3.1 (patch)

1. Included a "Remind me again" in the Remind function.
2. Coded it to remember where the small control panel displays on your desktop. Place your small control panel where you want it on your desktop, then go into "Options" and hit "Save".:
3. Fixed the Password function so it saves correctly.

Version 2.3.0 (Release Date 8-16-04)

You will be asked if you would like to overwrite a file. This way you can not overwrite a file by mistake.

Version 2.2.13 (patch)

1. Made some additions to the countdown timer. Now you will be able to save your settings, Auto Start the countdown timer and Repeat the Countdown timer continuously.
2. Made some adjustments to the "Reminder" box that pops up if you haven't started Job Timer's Clock. This prevents you from starting to work on a customers project and forgetting to start the clock. :
3. The Keyboard now works with the Idle function. If Job Timer goes into Idle mode then the keyboard will bring it out. Or if you have a job that you use the keyboard on, then Job Timer will not go into Idle mode until you walk away from the computer.

Version 2.2.12 (patch)

1. Some issues were addressed on the Degrade Function, Just made it smarter.
2. Added a "Simple" and "Advanced" Modes for those who don't want all the features that Job Timer has to offer
3. Redesigned the small Control Panel, This now includes the ability to open or save a project.
4. In options you save your settings, if you change a setting just for a particular job, then Options would appear wanting you to save your settings even after you hit "New", well you would think with a new project that your settings would return back the way you had them, so why ask to save them? well that has been fixed. if you hit new. Then the options screen won't appear asking you to save your settings.:
5. Tab Functions were fixed

Version 2.2.11 ( Release Date 8-8-04)

Included with this new release will be all the patches that were available from v2.2.3
Plus added to this Version is the Registration Password fix.

Unless there is a problem with the program or the way it operates there will not be another patch. I am done adding features to the program.

Version 2.2.11 (patch) (Critical Update)

Found a Memory handling problem with v2.2.6 and up Please update with this new patch to correct this problem.
Apparently the program would continue to increase it's memory size until your memory depleted. Updating with this patch will solve that problem.

Fixed the Timed Services from giving you a "Enter Price" when there is nothing there to give a price too.
Fixed the Set service prices and Timed Service prices to only accept numbers only.

Version 2.2.10 (patch)

If you use the "Automatic Program Launch" (APL) and you try to open up a job at the same time that the APL is trying to do it's thing then it comes back with an error. So to avoid this the following was changed:

The open button is disabled while the Automatic program launch is active. when you close the APL then your open button will be active and the APL will still do it's job. If you leave the APL window open and let the timer close it for you when the timer is done your open button will be active.

Version 2.2.9 (patch)

1. Fixed some issues with Automatic Program Launch.
2. Fixed some issues with the Reminder Function, It would show up even if your not on the computer.
3. Redesigned Preferences a little, just to make it more pleasant to look at.
4. Fixed some issues with Automatic Updates, If you need to save your project before you get an update it will ask you to do so.

Version 2.2.8 (patch)

Added a reminder to the program, if you forget to start the clock after stopping it manually, a message box will appear to remind you that you need to turn it on. This can be turned on in Preferences.

Version 2.2.7 (patch)

Included a "Phone" function to the Mini Control Panel, If you are on the phone with your customer and you are not on the computer then it will keep adding to your job without going into Idle. Hitting "Phone" will start the default process and when clicking on "Phone" again will revert back to the setting that Job Timer had before. For instance, If I'm on AutoCAD and I get a phone call from my client, I click on "Phone" and Job Timer will get off AutoCAD and automatically click on "Hours" this will add this field instead. Now when I get off the phone to return back to work I click on "Phone" once again and Job Timer automatically adjust my settings back to AutoCad. Now if I leave my computer and forget to hit the stop button, Job Timer will shut it down for me. Then when I return, Job Timer will pick up where it left off.

Version 2.2.6 (patch)

1. Added an Idle process, if you leave your computer without stopping the clock the program will stop the clock for you, and you can have the program start the clock automatically when you come back. When you move the mouse for more that 5 seconds the clock will start up again. To access this function open up "Preferences".
2. Fixed some code in the countdown timer when you try to start the clock from the countdown timer.

Version 2.2.5 (patch)

Total Hours adds up only Timed Services now. For some reason it was adding up the set services, so this has been fixed.

Version 2.2.4 (patch)

1. Skinned the small control panel to match the Main Control Panel.:
2. In certain circumstances you can open up a project without saving your previous project, now this only applies to the additions to the clock, if you make additions to the project, then the program will still require you to save the project first before the open button will become active. This fix only allows you to save your project if you added more time to the clock only. So in other words, if the clock adds another minute and adds more to the total of your project it will not allow you to open up another job without saving your previous project. This fix really was no big deal, but I didn't want anyone to loose even the slightest amount of time added to the clock.

Version 2.2.3 (Release 7-29-04)

1. Created a Small Control panel so you can keep it on your desk top, It will control the Clock functions, launch your programs, and you can select any timed service to start or start. Display's the current timed service and the total of the job. If you wish for this function to show all the time, then go to"File" and click on "Window" then click on "ON" This will turn on the function to show up when you hit close on the main control panel.
2. I adjusted the "Total Hours" to actually read "Total Hours". Hitting the copy button will still work the same for single line invoices.

Version 2.2.1 (patch)

Fixed the Degrade Function to allow you to use 100 - 1000 values without it moving to the next level prematurely.

Version 2.2.0 (Released 7-26-04)

Integrated and fixed problems with the new updates.

Version 2.1.42 (patch)

Downloading the new patch will require your "Prices.hpp" file to be replaced, which means you will loose your settings. Included with the patch is a new "Prices.hpp" file and will revert your settings back to a default setting.

If you have encountered a problem with the program not opening up due to a "Object Required" then delete your "Prices.hpp" file from your application path (C:\Program Files\Doc Design\Job Timer2\Prices.hpp"). This will allow your program to open back up without a problem. Open up a existing Job and this will revert back most of your settings for you, just save your settings in the options window.

Version 2.1.41 (patch)

Added a "Degrade" Feature to the program, Now you can adjust the program to adjust your hourly rate by the size of the job automatically. For instance you can set it at $400.00 to $600 and the hourly rate will drop by 90% so you don't overcharge your customer. There are three tiers to this process so you have total flexibility and a total configurable program.

Version 2.1.40 (patch)

1. Removed "Options" and "Preferences" from the "Tools" Menu Bar.
2. Added the "Actual Total Hours" done on a job to the printable Invoice.
3. Removed some of the Command buttons on the Options window. (it was getting cluttered)
4. Added a menu bar to the Options window and added all the command buttons to the Menu bar.
5. Added some more features to the Help window. (Report Bugs and Fixes to Job Timer) This way if you find a bug you will be able to access the "Fixes" web site page to see if I have already fixed the problem you encountered, if you didn't see the fix then you can hit "Report a bug" and this will take you to an on-line form so you can contact me and let me know what that bug is. :
6 . The Task bar was getting cluttered with access to the windows pages if you opened up too many Job Timer windows, This was fixed in v2.1.39.

Version 2.1.38 (patch)

The Automatic Program Launch window will automatically appear if a program is scheduled to launch and remain open for 30 seconds. This way you can stop it if you wish.

Version 2.1.37 (patch)

1. If there is an alarm active then the program will remind you of that fact before exiting out of the program.
2. Since there isn't any file checking code, hitting "Save As" will pull up a message box saying that you are able to overwrite files at will, please be careful that you don't overwrite and existing file and backing up files is recommended. Now this will only appear 5 or more times, then it will be disabled. Just so you know that it is possible to overwrite files.

Version 2.1.36 (patch)

Formatted all the timing text boxes to three decimal places. This will create an accurate amount of time spent on a job. Like for instance; on a $35.00 an hour setting 1 minute used to be $1.00 now it's .60cents on a 2 minute calculation instead of being $1.50 now it's $1.16. As time progresses it will keep a better and more accurate time and cost of the job instead of the two decimal placement theory.

Version 2.1.35 (patch)

Added a "Automatic Program Launch" Feature

Version 2.1.34 (patch)

Fixed "Clear Set Services" & "Timed Services" Buttons. They would remain enabled even if you started a new job. This will prevent anyone from accidentally clearing the job.

Version 2.1.33 (patch)

Created Tasks in the Task bar so you can start Job Timer for 5 certain tasks without opening up the program.
Right click on the Job Timer Icon in the Task bar and choose one of the five tasks and it will start the timer and choose the task you wanted to keep track of automatically.

Version 2.1.32 (patch)

When Windows is loading Job Timer don't handle the system tray icons correctly, (This error occurs on the "Auto Start" version only.) This have been fixed.

Version 2.1.31 (patch)

When clicking on "Auto Start" in the Count-up Timer function the box around Start did not turn green. This has been fixed.

Version 2.1.30 (Release date 7-2-04)

Fixed "Disable launch App Function":
Fixed 5 minute timer shutdown

Version 2.1.28

Customer found a bug, If by chance you checked the "Disable launch App Function" Check box so it is unchecked and then don't add a program path, save your settings then restart the program, This will error out and you will not recover the program back. This has been fixed in Version 2.1.30 Patch.

Also some customers have been complaining that when the clock hits 5.01 the timer shuts down and asks for registration material. This has been fixed in Version 2.1.30 Patch


If any of these patches cause errors or if there is an error in the program please contact me immediately, I ill address the problem right away.






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