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Fixes or Additions to Job Timer



Version 1.0.49 (patch)

1. The Clocks progress is now saved.

2. Auto Save when activated will save your project every minute. If you have a project open then Auto Save will save to that project, if you don't then the project will save to the Auto Save file.

3. You can only add numbers to the Price Values in Options.

4. You can open a project from the saved file. (when double clicking on a project file Job Timer will open up and display the project.)

Version 1.0.48 (patch) Critical

Re-coded the set services to be more accurate.

Version 1.0.47 (patch)

Fixed the Invoice to display today's date. When printing an invoice it would read the date the project was created instead of displaying the date that the invoice was created.

Version 1.0.45 (patch)

1. I have found if you only put things in "Set Services" then load the project again the total will read zero. This has been fixed in this patch.

Version 1.0.44 (patch)

Corrected the 5 minute timer from accidentally asking for Registration material.

Version 1.0.43

Fixes issued to the 1.0.44 Patch, Please download the patch.





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