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Job Timer 4 Network Edition


To set your Network path go to "Settings" and under the "File" tab click on "Network"

Job Timer 4 Network Edition Video can be found here.

Setup really isn't complicated. When you install Job Timer 4 it will ask you if you would like to unzip the database. If you decide to use this option then choose someplace on your network to store your databases and remember where you put them. Set up your nework settings to point to those databases on your network. No networking skills are required to setup and use Job Timer 4, If you know how to use Windows Explorer then you can set up Job Timer 4 with no problems.

Setting up Job Timer 4

1. Find your Network path. (the place on your network where your databases are located). [Map Network Drive]

2. You must see your databases in the right hand column, if you don't then don't save your directory until you do.

3. Once you have your databases located click on "Save Directory"

Job Timer 4 will run normally, install Job Timer on all the computers you want to run and Job Timer will track each individuals time locally but will update the database through the network.

When you view the "Reports" window you will see everyone's progress on the current job.

If user #1 has set up the job then User #2 can put in the Project number under Customer Settings and this will load that Job in the reports page. User #2 now can save this job Locally on his or her machine and every time they open this job then the database will load properly.

All Jobs will be saved locally on each users machine If you try to Share the Project files then Job Timer will not record the progress of the job Correctly so please save your project files locally on each machine.

If you would like to share your project files on the network you can but just remember that you won't be able to run more than one instance of each project. Click on "Allow Project Files to be included on the server" and when you open a project file or save a project file it will automatically go the specified path. (It's recommenced that you leave this unchecked to prevent others from opening these project files and trying to add time to them.) This is convenient for a singer user that has several computers and would like to span his or her projects across the network.

All of the Plug ins have been adapted for this new version of Job Timer 4. Each install will have these plug ins "Reports", "Project data" and anyone can access these normally. The network path for each of these programs have been set provided you set this up in Job Timer 4 already.

Make sure that all of your computers running Job Timer including the server and your router are all powered by a battery back up (UPS) this will insure that if the power goes out that you have some time to save your projects. Even thought Job Timer has the ability to auto save your projects it does not however update the database while doing this function. To relieve any concerns about the ability to loose any data during a power outage there have been steps to make sure that your database gets updated no matter what.

1st Job Timer will remember the last entry made even though it wasn't added to the database because of a power outage or computer lockup. If the power went out Start Job Timer and open the last project you were working on Click on "Reports" and then click on "Apply last known Entry" this should update your database with the last entry made. If your report total and your project total are the same then it will not update.

2nd If your database does not match your project total then you can click on "Reports" then under the "File" tab you will find "Update Database" this will update your database. If your report total is larger then your project total then it will not update.

Job Timer 4 will have to be registered on each computer, you will not be able to put Job Timer 4 on the server and expect it to be linked to all of your satellite computers. The program will look for the registration files on each satellite computer in order for it to work correctly. So if you download Job Timer 4, put the program on each computer and share the Databases through the network. The Server will not require to have Job Timer 4 installed on it in order for Job Timer 4 to work correctly.

Job Timer 4 can be configured for any drive even a flash drive.


Install your databases on the flash drive then using the network settings set the path to the storage drive. now you can take your progress with you where ever you go. Why is this important? Lets say you take your work home with you and you use Job Timer at work and at home, you can store your info on the flash then take it home, stick the flash drive in to your home computer and open Job Timer. Now you can continue working on your project with all the times that were recorded at work.


Job Timer 4 Invoice program is now available. You can find out more information here.

Any questions please email me here.


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