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User Profiles

You will first need to enter into the Administrator Options.

Log in

Then click on "Employees"

Enter in your Empoyee's name. You can only do one at a time and you will have to re-enter into the Admin area to enter in each individual. This was to keep the settings in Job Timer seperate for each Employee. Since they will want to set up Job Timer for their liking.


Once you have entered in the Employee's name then click on "Ergonomics" and set the desired settings. If you don't use the ergonomics feature then keep the ergonomics feature turned off.

Click on "Employee Time" This will allow you to set the Employee's pay rate.

If you have Job Timer calculate the Employee's pay then click "Enable".

If your employee gets paid no matter if he or she is working on a project then click on "EMP Hourly"

Once you're done setting up your Employee's information then you can exit out of the User setup area and you will have to select a employee.

Each user can set up Job Timer's Skins. You can also have each employee use their own Prices and Labels. Click on Use User Lables and Prices.

If everyone uses the same labels and prices then leave this unchecked.


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