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Network Status

Network Status will check the status of your network to see if you're still connected.

To enable this feature to "Settings" then click on "File" in the drop down menu then click on "Network Settings"

Click on "Enable Network Status".

If you wish sounds to be heard when a connection starts or ends then click on "Enable Sounds", Choose the volume then close this window.

This feature will also show up in your task bar so you know if you're connected to your network or not.

This Function is in two parts:

1. When you first start Job Timer the Status Bar on the Main Control Panel will turn green if you're connected to the Network. This will happen almost immediately.

2. After 30 Seconds Job Timer will check the validity of the connection, then 20 seconds after that it will check it again. When your network goes down Job Timer will alert to you to this fact. Job Timer will not let you Start, Stop, Save or open any projects until the Network is restored. If the clock was running at the time then the clock will stop and ask you if you wish to keep it going.


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